We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and made the answers readily available here for our clients.  Click on the categories below for more information. If the question you need answered doesn’t appear here feel free to call us at 716-656-7527.

General Questions

Payment Questions

Tax Return Related Questions

Other Questions

General Questions:

How quickly can I get an appointment?  – Generally during tax season we have appointments available within two days of your phone call.  You can book appointments for future dates any time throughout the year.

Do I need an appointment to get my taxes done?  – It is highly recommended that you book an appointment to have your tax return completed if you would like to sit down with a preparer.  We do offer a drop-off service (see drop-off service) if you do not wish to sit down with a preparer.

When will my paperwork be ready to be picked up?  – Your paperwork will be ready for pickup within 2 business days of your appointment as long as we are not waiting on more information from you.  You do not have to pick up your paperwork right away.  We will keep it in our office until your appointment next year for you if you would like.  We are open year-round for you to pick up your copies whenever you need them.

What is the drop-off service?  The drop-off service is when you bring in your tax paperwork and drop it off to be completed by our tax preparers during their free time.  Once your return is complete we will call you and have you come in to sign your paperwork and pay for the return.  Clients tend to prefer this option when they are very busy and do not have enough time in their hectic schedules to fit in a tax appointment.

What is the turn-around time for the drop-off service?  Drop-off returns are completed within 1-2 business days of being dropped off.

Do you prepare any state tax returns besides New York State?  Yes we prepare state income tax returns for all 43 states that collect income tax.

Are you open all year?  Yes we are available all year to prepare income tax returns and service our clients.

I received a letter from the IRS or New York State.  What do I do?  Please bring the letter to us and we will review it for you.  You can mail, email, fax, or drop the letter off.  Once we receive the letter we will fully review it and determine what needs to be done to resolve the issue.

I received a phone call from the IRS saying I owe them tons of money and they are sending the Sheriffs to my house to arrest me.  What do I do?  Don’t panic.  This is a prank call that has been circulating the Buffalo area for the past year.  Remember the IRS will NEVER call you.  You will always get letters in the mail in regards to any tax issues or warnings that an agent will come to your door.  Do not give these callers any of your personal information over the phone!!!

I moved out of state.  Can you still prepare my tax return?  Absolutely.  We have clients all over the country.  We will need all of your income tax paperwork (see our checklist to make sure you have everything).  You can mail, email, or fax your paperwork to us.  If you mail us your paperwork we suggest that you make copies of everything you are sending us and mail it with a return receipt request so that we have to sign for it and you have proof we received it.  Please mail your paperwork to Action Tax Service 1288 French Road Depew, NY 14043.  If you prefer to email please email your paperwork to recept.action@gmail.com.  If you prefer to fax us please fax to 716-656-7528 with a cover letter that has your name and phone number on it.  Please be sure when sending us your paperwork you write your phone number somewhere so that we can contact you as soon as we receive your paperwork.

Do you do amended tax returns?  Yes.

Do you do amended tax returns for returns you did not prepare?  Yes but in order to do them we will need the original tax return and paperwork.

Is there a fee for amended tax returns?  Yes.

How long do I have to keep my tax records?  Federal law requires you to maintain copies of your personal tax returns and supporting documentation for three years.  We advise keeping them for six years as the IRS can go back six years in an audit.
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Payment Questions:

When do I pay your for my tax return?  – Tax returns are paid for once the return has been completely prepared.  We will not e-file your tax return until it has been paid for.

Do you accept post-dated checks?  – No we do not accept post-dated checks.  However we DO accept blank checks to be filed in when your return is complete.

Do you accept credit cards?  – Yes we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express.

Can I have my fee taken out of my refund? – If you are due a refund from the federal only you can have our fee taken out.  This is called our RAC option.  You MUST have an appointment to use this option.  There is an additional fee of $25 to use this option.

What is the RAC option?  – The RAC option is when you have our tax preparation fee taken out of your federal refund.  This costs an additional $25.  It does not work if you are only receiving a state refund.  Your refund takes the same amount of time to come as it would if you paid for your return upfront.  With this option you can have your refund printed on a check here at our office (for an additional $24.95), it can be direct deposited into your bank account or it can be loaded onto an Xpress Refunds Master Card.  There are no additional fees for direct deposit or the XR card.
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Other Questions

I received the Xpress Refunds when will my refund be available to me?  Your refund will be direct deposited onto the card within about 7-21 business days of the date your return was e-filed.

How do I check the balance on my Xpress Refunds card?  Please go to www.myxrcard.com or call 1-844-699-7227 for any issues related to this card.  We cannot help you with any issues relating to this card.
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Tax Return Related Questions

What personal information do you need from me to file my tax return?  We will need a copy of your driver’s license, social security card and health insurance card.  We will also need to know your birthdate.  The previous information applies to all dependents on your tax return as well.  Fill out our Client Information Sheet before you come in!

I own my own business.  What do you need for my tax return? – We need all income and expenses related to your business.  Profit & Loss statement, or totals by category only.  If your information is not totaled up we will total it for you but will have to charge you our hourly bookkeeping rate.

I own rental property.  What do you need for my tax return? – We will need the address of the property, is it a single unit or multi-unit property, how many days each unit was rented.  How much rent you received for each unit.  Totaled expenses by category for each unit/property.  See our rental expense chart to help categorize your expenses.

What do I need for…

Alimony? – We need to know what you received or paid out in alimony payments.  If you paid alimony we will need the name and social security number of the recipient.

Child Support? – Nothing.  You cannot write off child support payments.

College Expenses? – We need the tuition expenses (usually reported by the college on a 1098-T form) and book expenses.  Room and board and meal expenses are NOT deductible.

Student Loans? – We need the amount of interest paid with your student loans.  This is reported on form 1098-E.

Day Care Expenses? – We need the name and address of the daycare, the EIN or SS# of the individual, and how much you paid in day care expenses per child.

Being a home owner? – We need the mortgage interest statement from your bank (Form 1098) & any property tax receipts you paid for the year.

Medical Expenses? – To write off your medical expenses the total amount spent must be more than 10% of your adjusted gross income.  We will need an itemized list of all your expenses.  Check out the list of acceptable medical expenses.  In order to claim medical mileage you will need to have a mileage log, no exceptions.

The home energy credit? – We will need receipts for any of the following:  windows, skylights, storm windows, exterior doors, storm doors, central air conditioning, natural gas/propane/oil furnace, metal & asphalt roofs, biomass stove, water heaters, and insulation.  These items must meet certain energy standards to qualify for the credit.  These purchases must have been made to improve your permanent primary residence NOT rental property.

Charitable Contributions – You must have receipts showing your donations.  If you donated clothing or other household items to Goodwill or Amvets please look at the valuation chart and itemize your donations.
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